Worthington, OH – 4/14/16

Prosper Insights & Analytics™ has launched the Amazon Shopper Intelligence service which is part of Prosper’s competitive intelligence suite of products. This unique service provides essential insights missing from most retailers’ loyalty data, including encroachment by Amazon along with the reasons why.  It also helps companies understand the merchandise categories in play and the discretionary dollars at risk. It is now more important than ever for retailers to understand the Amazon threat as the online giant works to further diversify their products and services.

The Amazon Shopper Intelligence service includes over 10 years of data on Amazon and Amazon Prime shoppers as well as leading retailers’ shoppers. It contains analytics such as the Prosper Shopper Preference Share, which indicates how Amazon is growing as a preferred retailer for 11 different merchandise categories and the reasons why, retail positioning maps, which plot retailers and their competitors based on the percentage of their shoppers who shop there for particular reasons, Net Promoter Scores*, and key demographics.

The Amazon Shopper Intelligence service provides subscribers access to these valuable insights and can be tailored to meet clients/retailers’ needs. These analytics are available via Prosper’s InsightCenter technology, which allows clients to predict markets, understand consumer segments and develop core business strategies. The service is updated every month. Alerts are also available and can be delivered to your laptop, smartphone or tablet as soon as new data becomes available.

“Every retailer needs a strategic intelligence service like this to compete in today’s digitally disrupted market. The service provides insights that identify a retailer’s potential weakness to the Amazon threat,” said Gary Drenik, CEO, Prosper. “As Amazon continues to diversify, retailers need the right consumer intelligence to ensure they have a complete picture of their customers’ shopping behaviors outside their stores so they don’t get blindsided.”

For more information on the Amazon Shopper Intelligence service, click here.

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*Net Promoter, NPS and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld

Chrissy Wissinger, Director, Communications
Stacie Nelson, Client Services & Marketing Director

New Consumer Intelligence Service Helps Retailers Identify And Respond To Amazon Threat