Prosper’s co-founders, Gary Drenik and Phil Rist have been research innovators for the past 30 years.  Having pioneered:

  • The application of computer intensive statistical methods to large survey samples through their work with Dr. Jerry Friedman of Stanford.
  • The development with Drs. Don Schultz and Martin Block of Northwestern’s Medill School of Integrated Marketing of new media allocation models based upon consumption and influence for improved ROI.
  • The creation of accurate privacy compliant targeting models for the digital marketplace.
  • The creation of predictive forward-looking signals and leading indicators for Wall Street investors to help them create alpha.

The result of their innovative efforts has resulted in recognition as an Inc. 5000 company several times for different Prosper ventures, acclaim from industry publications, numerous research papers published in peer reviewed journals and billions of dollars of new value for their clients. 

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What We Provide

Consumer-Based Predictive Intelligence

Prosper is a global leader in “consumer intent” data serving the financial services, marketing technology, and retail industries. We provide global authoritative market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality “forward-looking” consumer data to our clients so they can make impactful tactical decisions. Our predictive insights help optimize business development strategy and ultimately drive accretive balance sheet performance.


Unique Consumer Data

25 Years Of Consumer Market Research

Prosper Insights & Analytics, boasts a consumer data base of 2 million surveys conducted across the US over the last 17 years. Our Chinese consumer surveys cover the most recent seven years. These datasets act as the catalyst for linking your own unique data to build a complete forward-looking view into consumer spending plans, behaviors, and media influence to purchase.

Our collection of emotional data on happiness, impulsivity, and future plans adds a crucial ‘human element’. This allows you to accurately predict the path your customers will take and gain deeper insights into their “consuming intent” in order to deliver measurable results.


Prosper’s consumer data insights measure consumer confidence, spending, impulsivity, and mood. We track virtually all the purchase categories that consumers are involved in and our U.S. datasets provide consumer segmentation insights on 300+ specific retailers and 500+ brands.

“In today’s reality, businesses do not “own” their customers…their customers “own” them. Prosper’s data on “consumer’s intent” gives businesses the ability to sense and respond, which is a requisite skill-set for success in today’s marketplace.”
Ron Lunde
Thought Leader
“Prosper data is the best forward looking survey of consumer spending out there… There is a 73% correlation between Prosper's Apparel and Footwear spending intentions data and rolling-three-months-ahead US Retail Sales in corresponding categories.”
Leading Equity Analyst
Bulge Bracket Investment Bank
“The coronavirus questions were really helpful to give us a baseline for March and it will be interesting to see how this changes …. The very/extremely concerned segment is helpful in terms of understanding how consumers might be feeling…”
Katherine Cullen
National Retail Federation