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What We Provide

Consumer-Based Predictive Intelligence

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Prosper is a global leader in “consumer intent” data serving the financial services, marketing technology, and retail industries. We provide global authoritative market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality “forward-looking” consumer data to our clients so they can make impactful tactical decisions. Our predictive insights help optimize business development strategy and ultimately drive accretive balance sheet performance.

Unique Consumer Data

25 Years Of Consumer Market Research

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Prosper Insights & Analytics, boasts a consumer data base of 2 million surveys conducted across the US over the last 17 years. Our Chinese consumer surveys cover the most recent seven years. These datasets act as the catalyst for linking your own unique data to build a complete forward-looking view into consumer spending plans, behaviors, and media influence to purchase.

Our collection of emotional data on happiness, impulsivity, and future plans adds a crucial ‘human element’. This allows you to accurately predict the path your customers will take and gain deeper insights into their “consuming intent” in order to deliver measurable results.

Accurate Insights Require A Human Element

Prosper’s consumer data insights measure consumer confidence, spending, impulsivity, and mood. We track virtually all the purchase categories that consumers are involved in and our U.S. datasets provide consumer segmentation insights on 300+ specific retailers and 500+ brands.

Macro Predictive Analytic Models

New Confidence Indices (NCI), is a set of macro forward-looking predictive analytics which provides improved insights of consumer behavior in relation to consumers’ assessment of the climate.

Consumer Confidence

Based on respondents who indicated that they are either confident or very confident in the chances of a strong economy during the next six months.

Consumer Spending

The Prosper Consumer Spending Forecast is an advanced predictive analytic derived from two established databases (the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey and Prosper’s Monthly Consumer Survey) and represents consumers’ intended spending levels over 90 day periods in 24 retail categories.

Consumer Impulsivity

Prosper’s Impulsivity Score is an indicator of how much, or how little, consumers are living in the moment when it comes to their spending habits. Highly correlated with many key government data series, the Impulsivity Score is a key indicator of how consumers will be spending.

Consumer Mood

Consumer Mood Index analyzes consumer happiness across several key variables. Prosper has found that happiness highly correlates with consumer spending decisions, knowing that happier people buy houses and cars and are more likely to open their wallets.

What Our Clients Say


Ron Lunde

Thought Leader

“In today’s reality, businesses do not “own” their customers…their customers “own” them. Prosper’s data on “consumer’s intent” gives businesses the ability to sense and respond, which is a requisite skill-set for success in today’s marketplace.”


Dr. Evangelos Simos

Founder of eForecasting

“Prosper’s one question on Consumer Confidence is just as good as their five questions…and the results are available 1-2 weeks ahead.” “We are excited working (sic) with you, particularly me. You have a gold mine and we love gold.”


Therese Mulvey

CEO- PREformance Marketing

“Prosper’s unique approach to profiling consumers allows you to have a full and deep view of what combination of media is most effective in influencing purchasing by demographic and category. In my career, it is one of the best syndicated sources I have worked with.”