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Rediscover The Source Of Power For Your Business. Your Customers

Are your customer personas based on outdated gross audience estimates, attribution models full of data from bots and questionable view-ability measures from digital media firms? We can help!

Prosper Insights & Analytics’ proprietary collection of datasets allow you to create personas based on consumer intention and attitudes concerning shopping and media use. Clients use these personas to predict consumer behavior using unique attributes such as emotion, happiness, impulsivity, and mood so you can create a strategy that accurately reflects demand and drives more revenue.

Make Evidence-Based Decisions…in Real-Time

Our syndicated datasets have over 400 key data points collected over 17 years from 2.5 million survey respondents…and growing monthly. Integrated with your unique customer data, internal data and even other third-party data, you will have a complete forward-looking view into your consumers’ intended spending plans, behaviors, and which media influences them more to make a purchase decision.

And it will all be displayed through an easy-to-use, cloud based platform enabling you to make informed decisions with the click of a button.

Key Industries

Prosper’s consumer data insights measure consumer confidence, spending, impulsivity, and mood. We track virtually all the purchase categories that consumers are involved in and our U.S. datasets provide consumer segmentation insights on 300+ specific retailers and 500+ brands. Industries include: QSR, Retail/Brand, Automotive, Mobile, Financial Services, Marketing Technology, E-Commerce, and Healthcare.

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