Increase Your Competitive Advantage. Know Your Customers.

To create a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven landscape, organizations must seek “unique data” and not be satisfied with only lagging indicators like “transaction data”. Prosper’ syndicated datasets help you stay engaged with your consumers by creating “buying personas” that enable you to provide products they need and services they want.

Turn Consumer Data into Financial Insights…In Real Time.

Prosper Insights & Analytics helps you harness data to predict emerging trends, consumer needs and competitive intelligence. Accurate and predictive data mandate a human element. We integrate a multitude of datasets, among which are macroeconomic, demographic, intentional, and attitudinal data to deliver the business intelligence you need to leverage consumer insights and make informed tactical and strategic decisions.

Our InsightCenters™ serving the financial services marketplace are easy-to-access, and user-friendly, enabling you to share valuable insights across your business enterprise without the need for internal IT support.

Prosper’s consumer data insights measure consumer confidence, spending, impulsivity, and mood. We track virtually all the purchase categories that consumers are involved in and our U.S. datasets provide consumer segmentation insights on 300+ specific retailers and 500+ brands.

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