Targeted Consumer Personas

Predictive Analytics

Propensity Modeling

Create Unique Consumer Personas Based on Actual Human Data

Successful marketing technology companies know their ability to increase consumer engagement and drive more revenue is based directly on understanding consumer behaviors.

Stop fooling yourself with questionable attribution metrics based upon questionable data inputs and focus on understanding your consumer’s actual intent. Our collection of emotional data on happiness, impulsivity, and mood adds the ‘human element’ so you can create targeted consumer profiles based on key insights into what consumers are concerned about, how advertisements make them feel, and even how they prefer to be communicated with.

Turn Consumer Data into Marketing Insights…In Real-Time.

Prosper Insights & Analytics cloud-based marketing InsightCenters™ require no IT support, are easy-to-use, and enable you to share valuable insights across your business with the click of a button.

Our platform delivers key marketing analytics including insights such as how shoppers research and purchase products online, digital vs. brick-and-mortar preference by category, Amazon usage, and digital media influence. It goes beyond traditional point-in-time data reports, to trended insights in one easy-to-use, decision-ready format and allows you to make better decisions regarding your marketing strategy.


Prosper’s consumer data insights measure consumer confidence, spending, impulsivity, and mood. We track virtually all the purchase categories that consumers are involved in and our U.S. datasets provide consumer segmentation insights on 300+ specific retailers and 500+ brands.

Competitor Analysis
Know who your consumer is spending with, where your business is being threatened, and how to respond.

Customer Personas
Know where your target consumers are, how to communicate with them, how they spend, where they spend and why.

Marketing & Communication
Know which media platforms influence your customers, how to talk to them, and how to increase your market share.

Consumer Snapshot
Access our monthly consumer snapshot to learn how consumer sentiment is impacting spending patterns.

Macro Predictive Analytic Signals
A set of Macro forward-looking predictive analytics which provides improved insights of consumer behavior in relation to consumers’ assessment of the climate.

Get accurate marketing insights and analytics faster!

The media industry is always evolving. Stay on top of current consumer trends in the digital marketplace and improve customer interactions with reliable privacy compliant data.