New Infographic Compares Online Purchasing Behaviors Of Chinese And American Consumers

Worthington, OH – 6/24/2014

ProsperChina™ has released the latest Consumer Snapshot Infographic, available in both English and Chinese, to provide global marketers with a better understanding of Chinese Consumers. This unique infographic reveals the top three websites for purchasing products among young Chinese consumers and their American counterparts. It highlights a trend of the frequency in which both consumer groups are buying online, and also compares the two groups’ confidence in the economy, practicality, focus on needs versus wants and budget consciousness. 

According to insights highlighted in the infographic, (a leading C2C online retailer in China) is the favorite website for purchasing products among young Chinese consumers. Taobao surpassed 760 million product listings as of March 2013. Its wide selection is likely one of the reasons consumers shop there most often and has helped drive consumer interest globally. The online shopping portal earns rank among the world’s top 10 most visited websites. is the website shopped most often among young Americans. It’s likely that customer service plays a role in Amazon’s popularity. The online behemoth recently found itself at the top of the list for Prosper’s Customer Service Champions for 2013. Amazon continues to set the digital standard for retailers with their low prices, reliable and low-threshold free shipping, and quick-response customer service team.

To view the websites that round out the top three for both Chinese and American consumers along with additional insights about the consumer groups, click here (available in both English and Chinese).

The infographic series serves to complement the ProsperChina InsightsCenter, a unique cloud-based platform that allows for easy data integration. The InsightCenter draws from Prosper’s proprietary data warehouse that includes hundreds of already analyzed data sets as well as the ProsperChina Quarterly Survey which is the largest, ongoing survey of its kind in China. Further, this unique software allows Prosper to quickly build solution applications which are automatically updated for consistent decision making.

To download the infographic, click here. A complimentary collection of Chinese consumer insights are available at

ProsperChina provides advanced business intelligence using sophisticated analytical software to examine big datasets and provide answers to executives via its cloud-based InsightCenter™ platform (available in both English and Chinese) powered by Prosper Technologies. By integrating a variety of data including economic, behavioral and attitudinal data, ProsperChina delivers insights for executive decision making. Further, it is continually identifying unique insights through analytics to enable marketers to make knowledge-based decisions rather than relying on intuition. Prosper has been engaged in business development in PRC since 1995 and has conducted the ProsperChina Quarterly, the largest survey of its kind, since 2006. For more information:

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