October 3, 2017 – The delivery of consumer-centric predictive analytics took center stage on Monday at Oracle World when Prosper Insights & Analytics™ participated with Oracle on a panel, “Changing Consumer Markets from Improbable to Inevitable.” The panel focused on how technology and big data are enabling a new era of sense and respond for brands and retailers.

Sensing shifts in technology and information-driven consumer behavior, retailers and brands are responding with shifts in strategy. By fusing internal data with external first person data, new and unique predictive analytics are empowering retailers and brands to better understand and plan for the future.

“Just about anyone who is working with data sources such as sales or transactional data sooner or later recognize a need for unique consumer data to inform and improve predictive analytics, forecasting algorithms, and fine tune strategy,” said Gary Drenik, CEO, Prosper Insights & Analytics. “The expectation of the consumer’s intent is not only crucial; it is the only thing that matters.”

Retailers Ulta and Sephora were analyzed and viewed through the eyes of consumers from Prosper’s unique, accurate, and predictive consumer dataset. Prosper was recently cited by CIO Applications as one of the top 25 BI & Analytics companies for 2017. Oracle’s data cloud platform was also featured as a service for fusing the internal transactional data with outside consumer data for improved predictive analytics.

Also discussed were new technologies, such as digital assistants will be the new battleground and are being adopted by consumers. This adoption will soon migrate to the C-Suite where they will provide unique and predictive analytics.

To view an executive accessing complex consumer economic insights from a digital assistant, click here.

Prosper Insights & Analytics™
Prosper Insights & Analytics is a global leader in “consumer intent” data serving the financial services, marketing technology, and retail industries. We provide global authoritative market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics. By integrating a variety of data including economic, behavioral and attitudinal data, Prosper helps companies accurately predict consumers’ future behavior to help identify market behaviors, optimize marketing efforts, and improve the effectiveness of affiliate, mobile, email, print, and social-media demand generation campaigns. To learn more: www.ProsperInsights.com

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Stacie Nelson, Director, Customer Success

Prosper Tells Open World: “Outside In” Data Required For Optimizing Predictive Analytics

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