Toys R Us Shoppers Have High Mobile Capacity, Presenting Challenges for the Toy Giant this Holiday Season

Worthington, OH – 11/21/2013
While toys remain one of the hottest holiday gift categories this year, with overall planned holiday spending down from 2012, budgets for Barbie, LEGOs, and other popular children’s toys are likely to shrink, leading shoppers to seek out the best possible prices to ensure a happy holiday season for all this year. Certainly, with consumers  adhering to smart shopping strategies honed during the recession, more shoppers will be employing their mobile devices to help aid in purchase decisions than ever before. Therefore, it is essential to know which shoppers are engaging most with their mobile shopping companion and to understand if it’s for better or worse.

The latest findings from Prosper Insights & Analytics indicate that, among toy retailers profiled, Toys R Us (137.6) has the shoppers with the highest Mobile Aptitude score, followed by Amazon (121.7) and Target (117.4).

“Mobile technology provides great opportunity to reach and influence shoppers, but it also can be a challenge for retailers,” said Pam Goodfellow, Principal Analyst, Prosper. “Toys R Us shoppers have a strong Mobile Aptitude Score, but they didn’t make our holiday winners list. This top toy destination will likely feel the effects of ‘showrooming’ with its shoppers and ultimately end up losing sales to Amazon, Target, and other retailers that may be offering better prices this season.”

On the other side of the coin, Walmart, Kohl’s and Kmart’s shoppers’ mobile aptitude all index lower than the general population.

Mobile Aptitude Score for Shoppers* from Select Retailers:

Toys R Us–137.6

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics

*Shoppers are defined as those who indicate through an unaided, write-in question that they shop that particular retailer most often for at least one merchandise category.

To be read as: Score of 100 is flat to general population; Score of 105 indicates mobile aptitude is 5% higher than the general population

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Prosper Mobile Aptitude Scores for Toy Retailers: Toys R Us, Amazon and Target Have More Mobile-Minded Shoppers