Worthington, Ohio—9/13/2016—Prosper Insights & Analytics™ has launched the E-Commerce Preference Index which is part of Prosper’s Digital Shopper InsightCenter™. A recent analysis of the index suggests that while Macy’s has committed to doing more online, preference is down year-over-year for Macys.com (-15%). Target, another retailer who has ramped up their digital game, is also experiencing performance issues (relatively flat YOY at -1%). On the other hand, Kohls.com has seen a slight uptick in website loyalty since 2015 (+2%). 

The E-Commerce Preference Index is a measure of a retailer’s most loyal e-commerce shoppers resulting from unaided, write-in questions posed to 6,000+ U.S. adults on a quarterly basis and is a key component of the Prosper Digital Shopper InsightCenter. The platform provides insights on how shoppers research and purchase products online, digital vs. brick-and-mortar preference by category, Amazon usage, and digital media influence. Topics include frequency of online research and which websites are used most, intentions to shop online and which sites, digital coupon redemption, and retailer Facebook pages, just to name a few. It provides a consumer-centric, holistic view of digital shoppers allowing companies to use it to:

  • Monitor the pulse of consumers as they continue to shop more online.
  • Forecast markets by understanding segments and their behaviors.
  • Better understand which digital media influence purchases to help strengthen marketing strategy.
  • Access over 100 retailer shopper segments that are available.
  • Trend insights and segment by key demographics such as gender, generations, income and Amazon Prime members.

Click here to access the E-Commerce Preference Share Index in the Prosper Digital Shopper InsightCenter. Basic access is complimentary.

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Chrissy Wissinger, Director, Communications

Stacie Nelson, Client Services & Marketing Director

New Prosper Index Shows E-Commerce Loyalty Down for Macys.com, Flat for Target.com