Overall Happiness Increases with Age; Surprises Among Who’s Happiest With their Health, Love Life and Government 

Worthington, OH April 11, 2013 — As the number of candles increase on a birthday cake, it appears so does Happiness, according to a Prosper Insights & Analytics™ analysis of the latest American Pulse™ data. Members of the Silent Generation rank as the happiest in America followed in succession by Boomers, Gen Y and Millennials.

March 2013 Happiness Score – Adults 18+
Silent Generation – 66.7%
Boomers – 61.0%
Generation X – 55.7%
Millennials – 54.1%

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™

The Happiness Score has been tracked since February 2010. Respondents are asked to rate their happiness level on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “totally unhappy” and 5 being “totally happy” for ten different aspects of their lives including health; relationships with family and friends; home, work and love lives; religion; housing; neighborhood and government.

In general, the subcategories of happiness follow the same trend of increasing with age. The ones that buck this trend are health, love life and government. Work life is the inverse—decreasing with age, as would be expected. Interestingly among the different groups, the Silent Generation is the most happy with their health, Boomers are the happiest with their love lives and Millenials are happiest with the government. When it comes to government, the youngest group is actually the only one to be happier than Adults 18+, indexing 39% higher.

March 2013 Happiness Scores by Category
Indexed to Adults 18+

Millennials – 103.7
Gen X – 92.5
Boomers – 100.4
Silent Generation – 111.3

Love Life
Millennials – 92.9
Gen X – 101.8
Boomers – 103.4
Silent Generation -99.4

Millennials -138.8
Gen X – 97.9
Boomers – 75.0
Silent Generation – 93.3

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™
To be read as: Score of 100 is flat to Adults 18+; Score of 105 indicates score is 5% higher than Adults 18+.

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Silent Generation is the Happiest in the U.S., According to Prosper Insights & Analytics