Insight-rich app provides answers needed to drive Shopper Marketing decisions

Worthington, OH – 7/24/2013
An increasingly connected and elusive shopper already proves challenging for companies in a competitive marketplace. With excess amounts of Big Data muddying the waters, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal to further personalize a shopper’s experience. Through it’s newly released Shopper Marketing app, Prosper Insights & Analytics™ helps marketers hone in on the specific insights needed to drive Shopper Marketing decisions.

Prosper’s Shopper Marketing App and InsightCenter™ (a comprehensive insight-rich integration platform that comes pre-packaged with analytics) gives users a one-stop shop to obtain a deeper, richer understanding of shoppers. The new Promotional Influence Score, which is another example of Prosper’s Smart Data, indicates whether or not each type of promotion is more likely to influence or not influence a specific segment of shoppers. A positive Promotional Influence Score means that people are more likely to be influenced than not influenced by that particular promotion and vice versa for a negative rating. Twenty-one different categories are measured from coupons to in-store events. The chart below shows Promotional Influence Scores for Loyalty Cards among selected retailers.

Promotional Influence Scores for Store Loyalty Cards
Giant Eagle Shoppers–58.8
Kroger Shoppers–55.8
Safeway Shoppers–53.2
Meijer Shoppers–33.1
All Shoppers 18+–32.5

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics

In addition, the App and InsightCenter™ highlight key shopper data including brand purchased most often, purchase frequency, average spend, and in-store behavior (trouble finding products, reasons why) for twelve “aisles.” It also covers store shopped most often, reasons why, average spend and cross-shopping for eight major merchandise categories.

Over the next month, Prosper is offering complimentary access to qualified companies. Access includes the keys to the Promotional Influence Score, all the categories, aisles, brands, media behavior and demographic profiles. To register, visit

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Prosper Insights & Analytics™ Unveils Promotional Influence Score and Shopper Marketing App to Help Marketers Better Understand Shoppers