Columbus, Ohio —8/1/2016 — Prosper Insights & Analytics™, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, and Prevedere, a leader in business performance forecasting, announced today that they have formed an alliance to provide ‘a la carte’ access to Prosper’s unique and forward-looking U.S. and China consumer data as a premium offering within Prevedere’s solution. A decade of Prosper’s emotional and mindset data plus future purchase intentions will complement Prevedere’s robust dataset that includes external factors such as global economic, environmental, and consumer behavior leading indicators. This partnership will allow clients to easily integrate these influences into their existing predictive models for more accurate forecasts. 

Prosper has unique capabilities and expertise in developing and maintaining market and competitive intelligence for both the United States and China markets. Prosper’s data focuses on consumers’ plans and their regular behaviors for purchasing via all retail channels as well as the media that influences their purchase decisions. Its collection of emotional data on happiness, impulsivity and futures plans adds the ‘human element’ to a marketing world that is increasingly robotic and cold.

“With the right data and technology, predicting consumer behavior is becoming easier and more accurate than ever before,” said Rich Wagner, CEO of Prevedere. “Prosper’s unique collection of emotional data, such as happiness and impulsivity readings, adds the aspect of customer intention to our dataset.” 

Prevedere is a leader in Business Performance Forecasting software, using predictive analytics and real-time global data. Its correlation engine accurately determines which factors are true leading indicators for company revenues, profits, even individual products, nationally or locally.

“Prosper has spent the last 15 years providing the C-level with actionable, forward-looking insights and analytics that include the human element,” said Phil Rist, EVP, Prosper Insights & Analytics. “We are excited to work with Prevedere because they are transforming the way executives view and manage the future of their business.”

About Prosper Insights & Analytics™
Prosper Insights & Analytics provides advanced business intelligence using sophisticated analytical software to examine big datasets and provide answers to executives via its cloud-based InsightCenter™ platform powered by Prosper Technologies. By integrating a variety of data including economic, behavioral and attitudinal data, Prosper Insights & Analytics delivers insights for executive decision making. Further, it is continually identifying unique insights through analytics to enable marketers to make knowledge-based decisions rather than relying on intuition. To learn more: and follow @ProsperInsights on Twitter.

Prosper Insights & Analytics is a registered trademark of Prosper Business Development.

About Prevedere
A leader in business performance forecasting solutions, Prevedere is a predictive analytics company that is changing the way businesses predict and prepare for future demand. With external factors such as energy prices, consumer spending and currency changes often at the root of missed forecasts, Prevedere empowers enterprises to easily integrate these influences into their existing forecasting processes. By tracking and managing thousands of global sources on economic, environmental and consumer behavior data, Prevedere’s correlation engine accurately determines which factors are true leading indicators for company revenues, profits and even individual products, nationally and locally. By augmenting internal data with external predictive analysis, Prevedere’s clients see an average 50 percent reduction in forecast error and reduce time to insights as much as 90%, resulting in smarter, more profitable decisions in an ever-changing economy.

Selected as a Gartner “Cool Vendor in Information Innovation” and named Innovation Enterprise’s FP&A Innovation Awards winner in Forecasting and Planning, Prevedere solves a critical void in business planning. To learn more, visit and follow @Prevedere on Twitter.

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Prosper Insights & Analytics’ Future-Oriented Consumer Insights Now Available to Prevedere’s Customers