Worthington, OH – 10/22/2015

Prosper Insights & Analytics™ has added the newly announced Sam’s Club Shopper segments into its Shopper Marketing InsightCenter™. Now consumer packaged goods companies who need to connect their brands with these particular segments will have compelling consumer insights and predictive analytics instantly available. These latest segments are added to an already robust list of consumer groups available in the InsightCenter including a variety of Walmart Shoppers segments by categories and demographics, along with their competitors’ shoppers. 

Prosper’s Shopper Marketing InsightCenter (an actionable insight-rich integration platform that comes pre-packaged with key consumer-based analytics) gives users a one-stop platform to obtain a deeper, richer understanding of consumers. It highlights key data including brand purchased most often, purchase frequency, average spend, and in-store behavior (trouble finding products, reasons why) for twelve “aisles.” It also covers store shopped most often, reasons why, average spend and cross-shopping for eight major merchandise categories. Segments with similar definitions to Sam’s Club’s primary segment categories have been developed based on questions asked in Prosper’s major syndicated studies.

According to Luma Partner’s Q2 2015 Market Report, predictive analytics are expected to be a hot area across tech verticals, including sales and marketing. Analytics such as the Prosper Impulsivity Score and the Promotional Influence Score which are included in the Shopper Marketing InsightCenter will provide CPG companies with predictive analytics and unique marketing insights to compete in a market with economic uncertainty controlled by consumers. Further, the importance of using influence as a marketing variable has been validated by recent findings from the Applied Neuromarketing Consortium at Northwestern.

“Influence of external stimuli on the human mind is now being systematically studied and related to other concepts such as perception, memory and decision making,” said Dr. Martin Block, Applied Neuromarketing Consortium at Northwestern. “There is now considerable justification to use influence as a marketing media and promotional variable.”

Prosper is offering complimentary, limited access to qualified companies. Access includes the keys to the Promotional Influence Score, all the categories, aisles, brands, media behavior and demographic profiles. Newly added segments include: Care Groups, Convenience Store Owners, Empty Nesters, Shop Sam’s Club Most Often for Groceries, Large Families, Millennials, New Moms, Restaurant/Food Service and Service Industries. To register, visit www.ShopperMarketingInsights.com.

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New Sam’s Club Shopper Segments Added To Prosper Insights & Analytics InsightCenter