Prosper Insights & Analytics Streamlines Information Flow For Faster Access And Better Decisions

Worthington, OH – 12/15/15

Top performing executives who wish to have key performance indicators available in real time will now get their wish granted by a new insight and analytic notification service from Prosper Insights & Analytics™. The new service streamlines the delivery of relevant, advanced analytics and insights by circumventing big databases to provide only the most important predictive analytics fast and directly via a notification to a smartwatch, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. 

For executives in the financial services, retail, marketing, CPG, auto, and healthcare industries, the quickly customizable notifications of key performance data will enable a real-time knowledge component to help shape decision making.

“Every executive has identified several key performance indicators crucial for the success of their organization. Whether one number or an analytic, this new service notifies the executive directly as soon as they are updated. Having relevant information faster is key for succeeding in today’s market,” said Gary Drenik, CEO, Prosper.

“It’s the C-Suite’s version of the Internet of Things,” said Drenik.

Prosper’s advanced platform and data widget automatically updates any predictive analytic when new data is added and the notification system pushes out the new indicator to users in real time. Executives no longer need to rely on time-consuming analysis of large databases before they get an update. Users can access or integrate data or analytics they wish to be informed about from numerous sources including Prosper’s data warehouse, government data sources, or their own internal data. If an executive wishes to be notified on a customer loyalty metric or a net revenue number, the software monitors the data and a notification will happen as soon as the database is updated.

For more information on these and other leading indicators as well as the leading indicator notification service, please contact Prosper at 614-846-0146 or

Prosper Insights & Analytics™
Prosper Insights & Analytics provides advanced business intelligence using sophisticated analytical software to examine big datasets and provide answers to executives via its cloud-based InsightCenter™ platform powered by Prosper Technologies. By integrating a variety of data including economic, behavioral and attitudinal data, Prosper Insights & Analytics delivers insights for executive decision making. Further, it is continually identifying unique insights through analytics to enable marketers to make knowledge-based decisions rather than relying on intuition. To learn more:

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The Internet Of Things Comes To The C-Suite