Worthington, OH – 4/22/2014

The bumpy rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) seems to have had a negative impact on how people feel about it. According to a recent analysis from Prosper Insights & Analytics™ of survey responses of 3,786 Americans conducted between March 28th and April 15th (provided by Pollfish), people aren’t satisfied with the ACA. Prosper applied Net Promoter Score* methodology to gauge the plan’s image through Americans’ eyes. When asked whether they would recommend the ACA to a friend or colleague based on their current knowledge, the plan had a negative Net Promoter Score (-50.5%) for Adults 18+.

NPS ratings are lowest among younger Americans who are a key component to the plan’s success. Adults 18-24 are most likely to have more Detractors than Promoters with a NPS of -64.4%. Americans in the 25-34 age bracket follow with a score of -56.9%. These are the people (young and healthy) who are vital to the ACA’s success and aren’t as likely to need insurance, but will have to purchase it at a higher premium to subsidize those who can’t afford it. Although Americans 55+ have a better score, it’s still far into the negative, meaning that once again, Detractors significantly outweigh Promoters.

Affordable Care Act – Net Promoter Scores by Age

Adults 18+  -50.5%
18-24         -64.4%
25-34         -56.9%
35-44         -57.2%
45-54         -55.9%
55+            -35.8%

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™

To view the full report including Census Regions, click here.

In Prosper’s recently released “Healthcare Coverage Vital Signs Matrix,” consumers with a government healthcare plan (24% of U.S. Adults) have a higher likelihood than other groups to be suffering from a disease or health condition such as arthritis, back pain, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity. Those who are not insured (16%) are least likely to have a disease/condition.

“These findings indicate that healthy Millennials present a big challenge for Obamacare because while they are needed for the plan’s success, they don’t support it,” said Phil Rist, EVP Prosper. “We’ve developed propensity modeling to further understand this group as well as other segments that will help executives mitigate risk and make smarter marketing decisions.”

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*Net Promoter, NPS and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.

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Majority of Americans Wouldn’t Recommend Affordable Care Act