This Unique Subscription-Based Strategic Data And Analytics Platform is Designed to Provide Business Executives with Consumer Insights to Help Them Make Evidence-Based Decisions 

NEW YORK, November 17, 2014 – Forbes Insights has partnered with Prosper Insights & Analytics to launch the Forbes Executive InsightCenter™– a one-of-its-kind subscription-based integrated data platform ( loaded with advanced analytics that integrate hundreds of consumer insights from thousands of various data sets.  These data sets are expected to help business executives find meaningful insights to make better, evidence-based decisions, as well as highlight previously unknown insights about companies’ customers, competitors, the marketplace, economy, and future consumer spending plans, giving executives a competitive edge in an ever-changing marketplace. 

This platform will particularly benefit business executives who work at consumer-focused businesses in the U.S. and China or businesses executives who wish to demonstrate their thought leadership and expertise in the Retail, Automotive, Small Business, Casual Dining or Telecom industries – or with consumers in China.

“Forbes Insights is excited to offer the Forbes Executive InsightCenter – a unique platform in the marketplace for business executives that is chock-full of market intelligence and can be used in making strategic business decisions … and a rich source for thought leadership content to feed content marketing initiatives,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes.  “By having this information at their fingertips, senior management teams can quickly assess the pulse of the marketplace and make decisions based on evidence rather than gut instinct.”

By using Prosper’s proprietary InsightCenter platform, data sets will be customized for each executive’s needs and tailored for any industry.  The cloud-based platform pulls together data from multiple sources, including a proprietary data warehouse incorporating monthly data on consumer buying trends and attitudes from Prosper, Forbes Insights as well as the U.S. government.  After integrating pertinent information about a specific business or industry, the InsightCenter will automatically serve up valuable insights using analytics that are built into the software.  The information is timely and actionable as the data is updated each month.

The InsightCenter platform is constructed around four main areas – across several industries – that are essential to the success of every business: 

The Big Picture

  • Understand the overall big picture to better anticipate future consumer spending habits and to stay up-to-date on the current economic situation.

My Customers/My Business

  • Know who the current customers who are driving the current state of your business, and understand how they see you and how they are currently spending their money. 

My Competitors

  • Your competitors are a major part of your SWOT analysis, showing you where there may be opportunities to gain customers from them, and where they may be threatening you.

Marketing & Communications

  • Allocating ad budgets to the media channels that most influence customers to buy is key to increasing market share.

“The Forbes Executive InsightCenter is designed to extract critical, previously unknown insights by analyzing the data and presenting it in an organized, easy to understand, and visually pleasing display,” said Gary Drenik, CEO, Prosper Insights & Analytics. “With one click, today’s senior executives can have intelligence on their customers, competitors, the marketplace, economy, and future spending plans to make better decisions and grow sustainable revenues and profits.”

A Forbes Executive Retail InsightCenter is currently available for trial use.  This InsightCenter was developed as an example of the data that can be made available through the InsightCenter platform.  To sign up for the 30-day trial, please visit:

A subscription price for the InsightCenter is available upon request.

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Forbes Insights And Prosper Insights & Analytics Launch The Forbes Executive InsightCenter™