Predictive Analytic Solutions

Tools to integrate, analyze, visualize, and deliver actionable insights in real time.

Prosper Insights & Analytics provides advanced predictive business intelligence using sophisticated analytical software to examine consumer datasets and provide answers to executives via a cloud-based InsightCenter™.  Our unique syndicated datasets of the US and Chinese consumer provide highly accurate “forward-looking” insights and analytics to retailers, brands, marketers and financial service companies that improve competitive intelligence, forecasting, and consumer propensity profiling.


Unique Data Assets

Access Proprietary, Trended, and Correlated Datasets Based On Consumer Behaviors and Intentions.

Monthly U.S. Consumer Survey: Over 7,500 US 18+ respondents tracks how consumers feel about the economy, shopping behavior, future purchase intentions and more.

Annual Media Behaviors and Influence Study: 17,000 US 18+ respondents monitoring how they are using and being influenced by over 30 different media channels including mobile, traditional and digital.

ProsperChina Quarterly Survey: Largest, continuous online consumer and media behavior in China. Conducted among Chinese consumers ages 18-54 and covers everything from economic sentiment and shopping behavior to purchase influence and media usage.

Custom InsightCenter

Scalable Software, Data Management and Analytic Reporting Platform.  No IT support required!

Before data can inform business decisions, they must be tabulated, integrated, analyzed, visualized, and delivered to key decision-makers in a form that is easy to apply immediately to pressing business problems.

Prosper’s InsightCenter is an advanced platform for the visualization, customization, and delivery of key insights and analytics through a web browser or mobile device so you have accurate business intelligence with the click of a button.

Data Access

Our cloud-based analytic solutions provides enterprise level scalability, reliability, and security which is easily accessible via a user-informed web interface.

Data Widget

Easily embed charts and graphs that are automatically updated with the most current information from our datasets.

Data Vault

Facilitates the integration of data from multiple proven and trusted sources with dynamic caching algorithms generating data for analysis.

Data Engine

Real-time tabulation, analysis and trending of data. Proprietary software that allows for easy integration of internal, public and third-party datasets.

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