Auto Sales Outlook, Retail Spending Outlook and Lost Opportunity Smart Data Apps Now Available through Prosper’s InsightCenter™ Technology

Worthington, OH – 9/18/2013
Prosper Insights & Analytics has released its latest Smart Data Apps, including the Prosper Auto Outlook, the Retail Composite Spending Score and Outlook and the Lost Opportunity analytic, to help marketers better analyze their competitive environment and make better business decisions. These apps are available via Prosper’s InsightCenter technology, which integrates data from multiple sources and applies unique algorithms within the system. Prosper’s platform allows clients to predict markets, understand consumer segments and develop core business strategies.

Data is drawn from the Prosper Data Vault which houses millions of data points from sources including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and more than fifty other economic data sources published by the Federal Reserve. Additionally, survey data and customers’ internal and external datasets are housed in Prosper’s virtual data store. Apps are implemented from this data using the Smart Data Calc Tool. It performs complex mathematical equations behind the scenes and serves up answers in an easy-to-use, actionable format on-the-fly.

The following are examples of analytics developed using data from a variety of integrated data sources and deployed through the Prosper InsightCenter technology:

Prosper Auto Outlook
The Prosper Auto Sales Outlook provides marketers with directional insight into lightweight vehicle sales both month-over-month and year-over-year. By using this application a wide variety of companies, such as automakers, insurance agencies, financial services, dealerships, manufacturers, analysts and investors, can monitor projected auto sales and plan accordingly.

Prosper Retail Composite Spending Score and Outlook
The Prosper Composite Spending Score represents consumers’ intended level of retail spending over the next 90 days. When the Composite Spending Score increases month-over-month, it shows that consumers are more likely to spend more in retail and dining. The Prosper Retail Outlook takes this one step further and projects the average direction of seasonally adjusted retail sales, excluding automobile dealers and gas stations, over the next 90 days.

Lost Opportunity
Lost Opportunity provides retailers with insight into how many people are shopping in their stores most often for one category yet shopping a competitor for other categories. It also identifies how much money those shoppers are worth. The analytic provides the average amount of money spent in a year in a targeted category by people who shop a particular retailer most often for at least one category but then go to another retailer most often in the targeted category.

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