The latest from Prosper on on June 1, 2017…

Consumer confidence is down for the second month, but it is tracking 19% higher than last year. What does it mean for spending? Deborah Weinswig, Managing Director of Fung Global Retail & Technology, weighs in on consumer confidence, spending and impulsivity.

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  • Prosper Consumer Confidence: Economic sentiment declines for the second month in a row: in May, 52% report that they are confident/very confident, down nearly two points from April. Despite recent setbacks, sentiment is tracking 19% higher year over year and remains well above the 13 month average (48.2%). At 68.6%, confidence among small business owners is flat from last month (68.4%). “Confidence remains high, but modestly lower than the post-election period when sentiment rode high. Strong employment growth in tandem with mild to moderate growth in real wages are bright spots in the US economy and support continue reading...
Consumer Spending Gains Benefiting Online, Off-Price, and Beauty Retailers

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